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Looking for last minute CPD hours ? 28 October 2014

Those of us who have already amassed our 16 CPD hours this year are not particularly concerned about the imminence of the last day of the CPD year – Friday 31 October 2014. However, there are some folk who have not yet reached 16 hours.  This blog article is for you, so long as your firm subscribes to the Practical Law website and the webinars mentioned below are suitable for your needs, based on your existing level of knowledge of the topics.  (Some of them definitely will be, whatever your level of qualification.)

And of course if you have already amassed your 16 hours for this year, there is nothing to stop you using the information in this e-mail to start obtaining next year’s CPD hours at the start of the next CPD year.  Just return to this e-mail on 1 November.

What follows may look like an advertisement for Practical Law, but it’s actually an advertisement for my participation in a couple of these recorded webinars.


Practical Law Property has released a series of webinars on topical real estate issues – entirely free to subscribers to Practical Law Property.  The webinars build on the series of face to face lectures that Practical Law Property offered in October 2013, and are said to be targeted at trainees and those with 0-2 years PQE.  However, in my view everyone would benefit from listening to the majority of the webinars, particularly those who are not fully up to speed with issues involving flooding, green leases and environmental issues.  My webinar on Covenants affecting Freehold Land is suitable for everyone, of whatever level of qualification.

The topics covered in these free webinars are as follows:

  • Flooding Part 1: Why it matters to lawyers
  • Flooding Part 2: What lawyers need to do about it
  • EPCs and DECs: Essentials for real estate lawyers.
  • Green Leases: What to look for and how to amend them
  • Environmental issues for real estate lawyers
  • Business leases: security of tenure
  • Covenants affecting freehold land *
  • Agreements for lease **


With a couple of exceptions, the presenter for all these webinars is the very knowledgeable Sue Highmore of Practical Law.  The webinar with one asterisk next to it is a webinar from me (from my Ten Important Pointers series of training sessions), and the one with two asterisks is a joint presentation from me and Sue Highmore.


The webinars are hosted on www.legalpd.com, the new learning solution launched in September 2014 by Practical Law.

What follows sounds much more complicated than it is.  All you are doing is setting up a personal account with a username and password.  Then you log back into the site to access the webinars.

Subscribers to Practical Law Property can access the webinars, free of charge, by following these instructions:

  • Go to www.legalpd.com/content?SN=property
  • Choose a webinar from the free series (identified by the FREE icon)
  • Click on “Buy Now/ Add to Pass”
  • Enter your email address in the New User box and follow the instructions on-screen to register
  • Select “Invoice Me” on the confirmation page (Note: the “total” should show as “£0.00 + VAT”; you will not be charged for the webinar)

Once you have registered, you only need to re-enter your password to access the other free webinars in the series.

Practical Law Property would like your feedback on these webinars and whether you would like to see further webinars.


If you want to obtain CPD hours, you need to watch a webinar and then complete a short quiz (achieving a mark of at least 3 out of 5).  I completed a quiz from the Agreement for Lease webinar (which admittedly I jointly wrote and presented) and got 100% !!  My certificate is proudly displayed below.

A transcript of each webinar is also provided on the website.

CPD certificate_150


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