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Thousands of buildings open during the next two weekends 11 September 2015

We are approaching the time of year when thousands of buildings in England open to the public over two weekends, entirely free of charge.  Some of these are normally not open at all, while others normally charge but visiting will be free on these days.

First of all, this weekend (12/13 September 2015) will be Heritage Open Days around the whole of England, with the exception of London.  On Saturday, to take just one example near where I live, you can visit the elegant Woking railway control room, constructed in the 1930s when the railway was electrified.  It is no longer used but has been beautifully preserved, with all its art deco features intact.  There are several thousand other places to choose from, and a brilliant interactive map on the website to help you decide where to go.

And next weekend (20/21 September 2015) is Open House London.  As usual, I will be acting as a volunteer guide at one of the buildings on the Sunday.  This year it is the office of the London Mathematical Society, at 57/58 Russell Square, London WC2.

Click through to the respective websites and plan your visits now !  May the sun shine for us all.


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