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Falco legal training

Training delivered by an expert with passion and humour

Don’t rock me Amadeus 22 February 2014

“Why Falco Legal Training?” is a question that gets asked pretty frequently.  I wanted a name that was memorable, was available as a website and as a limited company, and that wouldn’t be confused with anything else.

We support the Hawk Conservancy Trust near Andover, so I started to think about names of raptors.  The best names in English were already taken so I looked at Latin names. I tried red kite (but milvus didn’t sound very appealing) and owls (same with tyto and strix).

But falco seemed much more promising, especially as we sponsor a peregrine falcon named Usain [Bolt] at the Hawk Conservancy. Falco is also the Latin word for sickle, which led to thoughts of “cutting-edge training” – fortunately dropped at an early stage. So Falco Legal Training it was.

What it isn’t

Falco means different things to some of you. Here are some people and organisations after whom/which Falco Legal Training is not named:

Mark Peter Falco, the former professional footballer with a number of clubs including Tottenham Hotspur, Watford, Rangers and Queens Park Rangers. Just a couple of years younger than me, but a lot taller.

Falco, the Austrian pop and rock musician (real name Johann (Hans) Hölzel). Born a year before me, and died in 1998. Had a worldwide hit with Rock Me Amadeus in 1985-6.

Edith “Edie” Falco, an American television, film and stage actress.  I had never heard of her and I imagine it’s mutual.

Falco UK Limited, the manufacturer of an innovative range of high quality street furniture, cycle shelters, smoking shelters and bike storage systems.

Le Falco, a cafe in Montreal, Canada.  “Sunny warehouse space with communal tables for fair-trade coffee, sandwiches & Japanese rice bowls.”

Marcus Didius Falco, the laid-back Roman ‘informer’ who investigates crimes and acts as an often reluctant imperial agent. Features in books by Lindsey Davis.

Falco, the Estonian manufacturer of Olympic bows.

Falco Construction Limited, based in Caterham in Surrey, a multi-disciplinary civil engineering services company covering utilities, building, rail, RC concrete, ground works and labour hire.

The resort of Cala di Falco in Sardinia, Italy.

Falco Engineering Limited in Sheffield.

Falco Bikes, a cycle manufacturer established in Southern China in 2011 and also named after the peregrine falcon. Falco’s latest triathlon bike launched at the 2013 Interbike, the Falco V, has received much attention by cycling and triathlon media, according to the company’s website.

Falco Lombardi, an anthropomorphic falcon character from the Star Fox series of video games.

Torre del Falco Nero di Troia, a delicious Italian red wine made from the indigenous grape variety Nero di Troia grown on the hills of Puglia. Currently £7.99 per bottle from Waitrose.

Falco SK sro, the Slovakian manufacturer of gun holsters and accessories.

Cala Falco, a very pretty, small and quiet beach situated to the south of Magaluf in the south west of Majorca.

Falco, a state-of-the-art medium-altitude endurance and tactical unmanned air vehicle (UAV) manufactured by the Italian sensors developer Selex Galileo.

Felco SA, the world-leading manufacturer of professional pruning tools.

It’s fortunate that I didn’t choose a common name, otherwise this article would be a great deal longer!


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