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TIPs course 101: Easements

Ten Important Pointers 

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Course 101: Easements

This course on easements will consider the following questions:

1. Do I have an easement here ?

2. What do I have if it isn’t an easement, and why does it matter ?

3. How do I identify an equitable easement, and am I worried if I find one ?

4. Should the easement have been registered at the Land Registry ?

5. Can easements still be overriding interests ?

6. What does the easement permit me to do ?

7. Can I make use of the right of way to get to the field next door if I buy that ?

8. What happens if one of the parties doesn’t yet own the land when the easement is granted ?

9. Can I grant my neighbour an easement to park his car in my spare parking space ?

10. What steps can I take to remove an unforeseen easement that crosses my land ?

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