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“Ten Important Pointers”

Each course in the “Ten Important Pointers” series comprises a series of ten deceptively simple questions on difficult areas of law.  The presenter will work through the answers to the questions, using examples and recent cases where appropriate.

The courses are suitable for lawyers at all levels of experience.


The courses cover these topics.  Click on each course title for more information.

Easements Key implications of the 1995 Act
Covenants affecting freehold land Energy Performance Certificates
Guarantees and indemnities Options, pre-emptions and perpetuities
Priorities at the Land Registry Fixtures and chattels
Registration requirements at the Land Registry Documenting short-term occupation
Formalities for a property contract Pre-contract enquiries and misrepresentation


Click here for a PDF document containing outlines for all twelve courses.  [This link is not currently active]

Further information

Each course in the “Ten Important Pointers” series of courses lasts one hour, comprising fifty minutes of explanation from the speaker and allowing ten minutes for questions.

A version of the course lasting 1½ hours is also available.  This incorporates in addition some short case studies and comparative drafting for the participants to discuss at intervals during the course.  Specimen solutions for the case studies can be provided at the end of the session.

Courses are not dependent upon one another.  They can be presented individually or as a series, and in any order.  Discounts are available where three or more courses are booked together (see below).

These courses are designed to be presented as face-to-face training sessions within a law firm, or within a group of law firms.

It will clearly not be possible in the available time to cover the whole of the relevant topic in detail.  A hand-out will be provided, which will list any recent cases on the topic together with sources of further information such as relevant material in leading textbooks and on the PLC website.


For courses presented to one law firm in Central London:

1 hour version: TBA

1½ hour version: TBA

A discount of 15% will be given when three or more one-hour courses are booked at the same time.  These may be any of the courses listed on this website page.


The price may be higher when a course is recorded on video or is presented to participants in more than one office or from more than one law firm.

VAT will be payable in addition.

There will be no travelling expenses for courses presented in Central London.  Travelling expenses (from Woking) and travelling time will be payable for courses presented outside Central London.

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