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Lunchtime talk in Norwich: Tuesday 11 March 2014 26 February 2014

Peter Williams, until recently a Professional Support Lawyer at Eversheds LLP, will be presenting a lunchtime talk in Norwich on Tuesday 11 March 2014.

It is open to any legal advisers and other members of law firms in Norwich and the surrounding area.


The topic will be “Priorities at the Land Registry” and it will answer the ten everyday questions set out at the foot of this page.

This is one of the “Ten Important Pointers” talks from Falco Legal Training.  Further details of this series of talks are available on this page of this website.


The cost will be £45 plus VAT per person, with a maximum of £225 plus VAT per firm.  In other words, any people above the first five can attend free.  Invoices will be sent after the lecture.


The venue will be the offices of Birketts which is

Kingfisher House
1 Gilders Way
Off Barrack Street

Falco Legal Training is grateful to Birketts for providing this venue.

Please note that NO car parking will be available.


Please please in your seats by 12.20.  The talk will last from 12.30 to 1.30.

No lunch will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own lunch with you.


This event qualifies for one non-accredited CPD hour, so it will count towards the target of up to 12 hours of non-accredited CPD that you require.  (Remember only 4 hours of CPD out of your 16 hours needs to be accredited CPD)

A written hand-out will be provided.

Booking and further enquiries

It is essential that Birketts’ staff know how many people are planning to attend, and their names.  Please e-mail Peter Williams at the link on this page of this website if you are planning to attend.  You are not committing yourself to attend by doing this.

Similarly please e-mail with any further enquiries about the event.

Contents of the talk

This course on Priorities at the Land Registry will consider the following questions:

1. In what circumstances will the priority of interests at the Land Registry be an issue ?

2. How do mortgages rank in priority at the Land Registry ?

3. How do other interests rank in priority at the Land Registry ?

4. How do overriding interests fit into the scheme of priorities ?

5. Does it make any difference whether interests are legal or equitable ?

6. Can you extend the priority period conferred by a priority search by carrying out a second search?

7. Is a priority search of the whole of a title effective to protect a dealing with part of the title ?

8. Is any protection conferred by a priority search made after the completion of a transaction ?

9. Will a restriction prevent a sale by a mortgagee ?

10. How does the buyer of registered land from a mortgagee ensure that it takes free of interests that are protected by notice ? 


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