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CRELA event: learn how to become comfortable with social media at work 16 November 2014

This is an invitation to attend a talk from a marketing expert who will explain why lawyers need to be comfortable using social media to promote their practices – and how to do it.  The talk takes place on the evening of Tuesday 2 December and everyone is invited.

Lawyers today need many skills.  A decent understanding of the law is still pretty useful, but you also need to be an expert in marketing (including self-marketing), business development, networking, IT (including, ideally touch-typing  whoever would have guessed that twenty years ago) and … it also helps to have an understanding of Social Media.

Social Media ranges from stuff that people use at home that I really don’t understand like FaceBook and Instagram (I had to look that one up) to stuff that people use at work that  I sort of understand – like LinkedIn and Twitter.  I have a LinkedIn page (click here) and a Twitter page (click here) but I’m sure I don’t use them to best advantage (particular Twitter, which remains a permanent mystery to me).

And I’m sure I am not alone, which is why CRELA (Commercial Real Estate Legal Association) has arranged for Helen Hammond of Elephant Creative to present a talk on Social Media for lawyers on the evening of Tuesday 2 December 2014 at the offices of Berwin Leighton Paisner at London Bridge.  The talk is suitable for all lawyers, whatever their area of specialism.

In view of the importance of the topic, the event is open to everyone to attend, whether or not a member of CRELA.  Tickets cost £25 plus VAT for members and £30 plus VAT for members’ guests and non-members.

You will have guessed that there are still tickets available and I encourage everyone to attend. There will be drinks afterwards as well so you get both CPD points and penalty points (only joking).

More details, including how to book your tickets, are in my blog article dated 24 October 2014 entitled “Social Media  you mean it’s just a conversation?“.

I hope to see you there.  I am chairing the event by the way, so if you do attend and we do not yet know one another, please do introduce yourself beforehand or during the networking afterwards.


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